[SLED] Castronova gets $240k for Arden project, Virtual Worlds of Shakespeare

Pete Border border at mail.physics.umn.edu
Thu Oct 19 13:29:27 PDT 2006

This is great! If anybody deserves a grant for virtual world research, 
it's Ted Castronova. He's been doing conferences without any funding, 
aided only by student labor. Woo-hoo!

PS: Are there any other physicists out there? I'm bringing my "Physics 
for Game Designers" class into SL next week. I want them to get some 
experience with a real physics engine, and SL is the easiest One (I've 
used Unreal in the past, and it's better, but it's just so unremittingly 
violent). I don't want them to go to any great 
"virtual-physics-demo-in-the-sky" sort of thing, I really would rather 
have them build their own..

Jeff McNeill wrote:

> Aloha colleagues,
> MacArthur is spreading the money around, as Castronova has been 
> awarded $240k by them for his Arden project, a "Virtual Worlds of 
> Shakespeare" http://news.com.com/2008-1043_3-6127496.html
> Not sure if this will be in Second Life, but it certainly should 
> interest educators in virtual worlds...
> Cheers,
> Donnagh
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