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Kevin Driscoll driscollkevin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 12:58:44 PDT 2006

Hi Claudia,

Thanks for the state of the union!  Could you post a little more
information about the steps educators need to take to access this
streamlined background check?


On 10/19/06, Claudia Linden <claudia at lindenlab.com> wrote:
>  Hi, Pat.
>  The education program in Teen Second Life is much newer than the one in
> adult Second Life (18+). Global Kids was the first group to work with teens,
> followed by creative groups like Kids Connect and now the exciting Teen
> Library project.
>  Beginning in June and July, we found middle school and secondary educators'
> interest growing. I'm on the community development team at Linden Lab and
> have been supporting middle school and secondary educators in getting going.
> You are in the early wave, Pat. Welcome. Thanks, Cathy and Kevin, for
> pointing Pat to the SL educatorsandteens list and to the in-world group for
> teen educators.
>  Working on the teen grid of Second Life presents some unique
> challenges--for one, all adults need a background check. We've streamlined
> that process now so it's less of a barrier to entry. Up until very recently,
> to do a project on the Teen Grid, educators needed to purchase their own
> island (on the main grid, there are more options for land). I'm hoping that
> educators on teen grid will work out some innovative island sharing models,
> and it looks like rental possibilities may be opening up soon.
>  I look forward to your contributions.
>  Warmly,
>  Claudia
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> I applaud all of you on the listserve as this is the most active I am on.
> Being interested in HS education and public outreach, i am wondering if my
> perception, which is that most of the initiatives on SL that are edu
> oriented are also college oriented is correct. Without statistics, can
> someone confirm that?
> If that is correct, then why the lack of hs ventures, initiatives, projects?
> I am interested in any thoughts.
> Pat
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