[SLED] Do you have buy in from administration? Live event

Jeremy Kemp jkemp at cemail.sjsu.edu
Tue Oct 17 22:04:32 PDT 2006

Please come for an amazing live event Wednesday 10/18
at noon with seven academics on a 90-minute panel.

"Are We Playing Games? Finding Legitimacy in the
Academy" 12:00 - 1:30 PM Pacific, 10/18/06

Location: NMC's Woolsey Hall - discussion via NMC
streaming server.

Second Life is filled with brilliant proof-of-concept
trials by educators working alone, unfunded and often
after hours. Only a few academic efforts are official,
integrated and well funded. Why is that? What keeps
the mainstream IT folks at bay and banishes early
adopters to the fringe of “game studies?” This
panel will define the legitimacy gap, explore how it
might be breached and go on to discuss what teaching
in Second Life could look like with broad acceptance.
How will students use streaming 3D when navigating an
avatar is as common as logging in to MySpace?

o) Terry Beaubois of Montana State taught architecture
in SL last Fall
o) Aline Click at NIU has taught in world and presents
on SL regularly
o) Josephine Dorado and Dan Winckler, co-directors of
Kids Connect
o) Jeremy Kemp moderator, keeps Second Life's official
education wiki, working on SLoodle hybrid LMS
o) Sarah "Intellagirl" Robbins from Ball State is
teaching a rhetoric class
o) Sharon Tettegah with UIUC is running an AERA
symposium on SL in April in Chicago 


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