[SLED] Proposal: 8km2 land lease through Dec for Newbie Training Course

Jeff McNeill jeff at jeffmcneill.com
Mon Oct 16 15:03:20 PDT 2006

Dear colleagues,

Our project at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is stalled as we wait for
approval of an internal seed grant to acquire a Second Life island for

I propose the following to anyone with spare land/prims/low-lag on their

Lease of 8,000 sq m (1/8 SIM) through December (likely we will get our land
in November), in exchange for a Mod/NoTransfer copy of the Newbie Training
Course we are going to set up and evaluate. The goal of the NTC is to speed
up the rate at which newbies become accustomed to the Second Life interface,
and increase measurements of self-efficacy, flow, and efficiency.

We have other projects that will be going on the land, but this one is
something we can offer in trade. Note: I do forsee making the NTC available
to our educational community on a barter or low L$ rate to recover
development costs.

Please contact me directly for those interested,
Jeff McNeill
Donnagh McDonnagh
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