[SLED] Reuters in Second Life

Giulio Prisco gp at uvvy.com
Mon Oct 16 10:20:40 PDT 2006

Reuters is opening a news bureau in the simulation game Second
Life<http://uvvy.com/index.php/Reuters_in_SL>this week, joining a race
by corporate name brands to take part in the
hottest virtual world on the Internet. Starting on Wednesday, Reuters plans
to begin publishing text, photo and video news from the outside world for
Second Life members and news of Second Life for real world readers who visit
a Reuters news site at: http://secondlife.reuters.com/. Created by Linden
Lab in San Francisco, Second Life is the closest thing to a parallel
universe existing on the Internet... Read

[image: Reuters in SL] <http://uvvy.com/index.php/Image:Reuterssl4s.jpg>

I went to Reuters island in Second
Life<http://uvvy.com/index.php/Second_Life>today and, even if the
formal opening is on Wednesday, there were already
many people who had seen the Reuters PR. It was a unscheduled event with
about 30 avatars and some of the most interesting people in Second Life.
Adam Reuters was there even if today was not one of his scheduled office
days in SL<http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=1c2ir3q55g6q3v8jibr0f0u5rs%40group.calendar.google.com&dates=20061101%2F20061201>.
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