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Yes another article (a very long weekend edition) here in Oz that  
talks about virtual worlds, especially Second Life, as all about  
money, sad geeks without a first life, obsession, sex and dubious  
identity. Why does every paragraph have to justify these worlds by  
referring to 'how much', 'it is ok because you can make money', 'it  
is a surprise that you can make money' etc etc:


The last two paragraphs sum up how far the article gets

"Janice Storey, who works as a clerical assistant at the NSW  
Department of Education, says her son David (Deathifier) has always  
been into games, and good with computers. "When he was five we bought  
him an Atari and then, before he was eight, we had to buy him the  
expander unit because he was programming his own games." For years  
his parents have tried to set limits on how much time David spends  
playing games, but now that he's an adult, Janice says, he has to  
make those decisions himself. "We take pains to get him out of there,  
but I reckon if we went away for three weeks he'd only leave the  
computer room to eat or sleep."

Does she worry about him? "A little bit, but he's very happy doing  
what he's doing. He has to make his own decisions now." Janice says  
that she and her husband are proud of what their son has achieved in  
Entropia Universe and with his studies - even if it is a little  
unusual. "All his aunts and uncles and grandparents keep saying that  
he should get a real job, a proper job," she adds. "But what is a  
real job? Who can tell these days ... maybe that is a real job of the  

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