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Actually, for the sim I am designing, a private 17/18 island with no exits would be okay.  That LL has agreed to do this in the past is good news--perhaps there is precedent here.

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At the AECT (www.aect.org) conference in Dallas this past week, I had the chance to interact with a number of instructional technology profs. & grad students about SL and virtual learning. I will try to round up all the session titles & presenters for this list... I was able to attend one of at least 2 sessions by Chris Dede & his colleagues about their River City project, though a number of other sessions were also very good.

To the issue of the 17/18 split. This is *not* just an issue that divides high school students and college students. I talked to a grad student who is helping his university (a large research institution in the Southwest) implement a SL project on a private island. It's a freshman level honors class in English. The class has both 17 and 18 year olds in it! Talk about headache.

The course does *not* include one of the most important features of SL, which is interaction with the wide swath of humanity that inhabits the grid. The Linden solution for this particular university was to create an island that others cannot get into - and that the users themselves cannot leave! The grad assistant told me that if he attempts to use his avi (at least the one associated with that project), he cannot teleport to such fine places at the Heart Murmur sim, SpacePort Alpha, etc. So, all that one has then is a private, isolated piece of the grid...blah.

We only talked about ways to improve the class (which is frustrating a lot of the students for different reasons), not about solving the 17/18 split. In a post to this list some months ago, I reminded everyone that SL was not built as an educational platform - hence the calls to reform it to that end likely falls on deaf ears at LL. As I said then, and as I and others say now, I guess we'll just have to wait and see how LL responds to the clamoring. Marketing to the young through education seems like a good plan to me, but I'm just a teacher... what do I know??

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