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Dirk DaSilva dds at venuma.com
Thu Oct 12 11:37:01 PDT 2006

We did the streaming for the Suzanne Vega concert in SL, a live video  
cast from
the KeyClub in Hollywood to multiple locations in SL, the streaming  
for the Infinite
minds radio show and so on.

Each event reached hundreds of concurrent viewers and was available  
in formats
suitable for use in SL, WinAmp and video enabled cellphones.

Please feel free to contact me off-list.


On Oct 12, 2006, at 11:27 AM, Evonne Heyning wrote:

We produce mixed media events of all types; this coming week will be  
our first mirror event for our stage here in Los Angeles to our stage  
in Second Life.  Our RL arts community provides space for emerging  
artists to produce their signature works and we're looking for  
innovative ways to bring the interactive art we share here to Second  
Life.  On 10/20 we're linking in for Molly Zenobia's Edgar Allen Poe  
show, a night of music and drama from our LA stage to the stage at  
ManorMeta on Better World Island.  I'm still looking for  
recommendations for superior videocast hosting.

Our team consists of theatre, film and TV pros and we produce  
machinima together regularly.  My favorite SL performances are  
impossible in the real world -- skydancing!  It's fun to explore new  
terrain, space theatre and large scale collaborative performance.

~in kenzo~
inkenzo at gmail.com

On 10/12/06, steve schrum <steveschrum at yahoo.com > wrote:
There are several of us discussing and planning
theatre presentations and projects in SL, and are
currently preparing proposals for the Aug 2007
Association for Theatre in Higher Education
conference. (I am looking for additional panelists in
case you are interested in joining us in New Orleans.)
I am also seeking people to collaborate on
performances, and would like to hear more about
experiences with theatre in SL.

Stephen A. Schrum, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
218 FOB
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
150 Finoli Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601

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