[SLED] how does one deal with counter culture?

Ed Lamoureux ell at bumail.bradley.edu
Tue Oct 10 10:16:23 PDT 2006

On Oct 10, 2006, at 11:25 AM, Tim Allen wrote:

> right now, the real-life metaphor I'll draw is that we'd all be  
> able to drive cars without licenses and own concealed firearms  
> without permits. that's just ridiculous in reality or virtual  
> reality. It also would seem to be the most "quick and easy" change  
> for LL to make. :-)

I think that the metaphor you pick is pretty powerful (language can  
work that way).

Why do you insist on relating digital/computational behavior to  
analog (and illegal) behavior?

The recording industry claims tens of millions of dollars a year in  
losses from what they call illegal downloading. I see that as a way  
closer analog here. And we all know that there are more than two  
sides to the argument as to whether "illegal" downloading should  
really be illegal.

How about moving digital content you've purchased across media  
platforms? In most cases, doing so is illegal under the DMCA. But  
I'll be you know a coupla people who do it. Some of them might even  
be friends/colleagues. And I know a large number of people who give  
these (and other like) laws "grief" as often as they can . . . both  
for the point of it and for the outcome.

Not all hackers are criminals.

I DO NOT oppose trying to protect important digital assets. I don't  
want my avatar or inventory messed with; if I were a builder or a  
coder, I would not want my hard work compromised.

I very much hope that LL figures out effective and even-handed/fair  
protections for users of the virtual environment known as Second Life.

But it is a proprietary "place," with a number of "special" rules  
that the Lindens construct at their bidding. It is not at all hard  
for me to see a number of places/instances over which previously  
happy users might become disenchanted former users with various  
reasons for wanting to get back at the man.

Just figuring out ways to shut them out/off may not be the best  
strategy for controlling their destructiveness.


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