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sounds very interesting. I have 5 kids, 4-12, and they are in senegal for a year so that, in my words "they can see how the other half lives" (which is actually more like 2/3rds). While they excel in public school here, and there are many great advantages to the schools (bus rides, peace and quiet in the house for the day, nice new schools and lots of resources we dont have at home, like gyms, band instruments, etc..) - i am very concerned about the teen years - and from my experience (i'm under 40) junior high and high school are 75% nothing but nonsense.
 Social interaction is not nonsense, but social interaction of 1000 people within one year of each other in age, and all from a very similar demographic, IS nonsense. Never in history was everyone of the same age thrown together (ok, i base this on feeling, not any historical knowledge- but let me know if i'm wrong) - in such environments they neither benefit those younger than them, nor learn from those older than them- they simply pass around the feedback loop and so (IMNSHO) their brains end up much like a suburban US intersection (gas station, drug store, strip mall, and vacant lot).
So something that would merge the two (home and school), taking the benefits of each with the benefits of technology sounds great.
I trust you'll let us know as soon as you have your island going. I'd love to get my kids involved- though we need sub-teen too!


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I thought I should post a message to introduce myself - my name is PeterT (alias Schomer Simpson in SL) and I am interested in using Second Life to support work that a group of us are doing on something called schome (not school - not home - schome - the education system for the Information Age).
Our key activity within schome at the moment is all around vision building - and we have a specific sub-project called The Aspire Pilot within which we are working with young people to develop 'provocations' to support other people in coming up with creative yet grounded visions of schome.
Helping people to think 'out of the box' about what schome should be like is very challenging - we are all so indoctrinated into thinking that education looks like school. We thought that being able to live alternative models of schome and try out visions for how education might be organised within Second Life might be one way to extend our ability to think out of the box about visions for schome. So we are exploring setting up schome island within Second Life (which might be mirrored in teen Second Life).
Anyway - enough waffle from me - if you want to find out more about schome generally then check out www.schome.ac.uk; if you want to find out about the Aspire Pilot in particular then check out http://aspire-pilot.open.ac.uk/ - both sites are based on a wiki (called WikiWorks) and there is a forum for members of the schome (and Aspire Pilot) community to 'talk' in (follow the Community forum link in the Navigation menu on the left of each WikiWorks page) - please do join in.
Peter T
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