[SLED] Grey Goo, Scripts Disabled, etc.

S Collingwood collingwood.7 at osu.edu
Mon Oct 9 16:17:14 PDT 2006

>On the issue of people leaving and people coming in, perhaps we need to
>think of this in terms of quantity v quality.

There is an undertone in this conversation that I find disturbing.

If we are ever successful in limiting Second Life to the "quality" 
residents, I will be packing up my pixels and moving on.

The beauty of SL is its its loony exhibitionism, its vampy sexuality, 
its altruistic creativity and venal commercialism -- the sheer 
diversity of the people using it. There's a dark side as well, and a 
lot of ugliness -- part of living in SL is realizing that some 
people's share of this "consensual hallucination" is a 3-bedroom home 
in the virtual suburbs.

All of this is human.  All of this is what makes SL of value to my 
students.  Even the griefers are interesting to my students.

If an organization is not interested in the social aspects  of SL, 
perhaps they should be thinking about another program, like Croquet, 
for example,  which would allow them to  make their own private, 
controllable world, with no "undesirable elements," no disturbances.

However, this option is not without its costs.   Without the 
resources of an ocean of quirky, generous, untrustworthy, goofy, 
opinionated, opportunistic, ingenious, nefarious and artistic 
residents, building a virtual world would probably require an 
alarming number of trained professionals.

Your call.

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