[SLED] Mac Master's Professor take on SecondLife

rinda at rinda.org rinda at rinda.org
Sat Oct 7 06:42:24 PDT 2006

I wish I could refresh my make-up or change an entire
outfit just by dragging a folder onto myself. 


On Sat, 7 Oct 2006 08:37:24 -0500, "James Lloyd" wrote:

I keep wishing I could display property lines in 

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take on 
In response to Robert's question, I was driving home
from work the other 
day and caught myself looking at the gray rectangular
back of a highway sign 
waiting for the texture to download.
Bill Friis

On Oct 6, 2006, at 12:48 PM, Robert Morgan wrote:

  How many of you find 
  yourselves looking at a house in RL and wondering how
many prims it has. Have 
  you ever been working in some other computer program
and attempted to 
  mouselook? Do you attempt to rez things in your 

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