[SLED] Problem Creating Accounts

Emin Saglamer es26 at txstate.edu
Fri Oct 6 14:22:32 PDT 2006

This happens all the time when people try to teach how to use applications
in a computer lab format. We are having similar issues with Blackboard where
during a course creation tutorial when  10 people hit create new course at
the same time Blackboard is thrown off.

Most computer labs have routers that take the traffic from individual
computers, perhaps put them through a firewall and then send them to the
outside world all under the same IP number ‹ the number of the router.

Your problem possibly stems from the fact that when you ran your
demonstration, all the computers in your lab requested to create an account
within a few seconds of each other with the same IP number thereby flagging
all the e mail addresses used as possible griefer/spammer.

You will have to contact linden labs to get yourself removed from this list
or use an alternate e mail for future sign ups.

I would recommend refraining from creating accounts for online services in a
lab demonstration setting in the future.

Hope that helps,


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Subject: [SLED] Problem Creating Accounts

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to know if anyone else is having trouble making accounts for
faculty/students.  Two weeks ago we were demonstrating Second Life to a
group of faculty in one of our computer labs on campus - 7 people needed to
make new accounts but some people got a message that their account could not
be created.  I believe that the message was that Linden Labs reserves the
right to grant accounts etc and that they had already made accounts.  Now
these faculty members are locked out of Second Life because many only have
an University email and when they go to register they cannot with this
email.  When they contacted customer service the issue was never resolved -
they received they "canned" response.
In addition to this, I have 13 students making accounts for my class on
Monday night and have a fear that the same thing will happen to them.  Is
there some new security feature  that "knows" that we are making a bunch of
accounts from the same location and blocking this even though there are
separate users?  
If this is a new problem does anyone know if when you purchase the "group"
accounts if you have to have all 25 users created at once, or can it be a
rolling enrollment as more users need to be created?
Help - this is causing a real problem in promoting SL on my campus.  Very
embarrassing when you cannot even create an account for faculty member!!!

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