[SLED] paying for an academic island

Hollins, Paul P.A.Hollins at bolton.ac.uk
Tue Oct 3 03:07:15 PDT 2006

Hi Jacquie,
A very good point indeed and one that should be considered.
Kindest Regards
Paul Hollins


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Hi Folks
Sorry to trouble the list but wondered if others have had problems with
academic island rentals. We set one up for the Open University but the
rental payment has, for some reason, been put on my personal SL account
and as it's not been paid my account has been disabled. Trouble is I can't
get anyone at LL to reply to emails about it or explain how to get this
raised as an invoice for the OU instead. The set up was paid directly by
the OU. I'm getting really anxious as I'm supposed to be presenting SL at
conference next week to make everyone go 'wow' and at the moment I can't
even access my own account let alone get onto the island they have paid
Is everyone really expected to pay the rental from their own account and
then claim it back or something? Here in the UK that is a big problem
because if I do that and claim it as an expense then the University has to
dock tax from that - leaving me way out of pocket over a year!  It also
meant I missed the Bransford presentation which I had really been looking
forward to, because I was locked out - that was most certainly NOT cool.
Thanks for putting up transcripts Jeremy so I can at least catch up with
what I missed!
Jacquie Bennett
Open University

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