[SLED] Writing A SL-related Teaching Grant

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Hey Michael,

Be sure to connect with Henry Lowood down here at Stanford. He knows Second
Life and also has an interest in film, new media and has received grant
funding for Humanities coursework:


See also Stanford's Media X initiative:

Go ducks! ;-)


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Hi All,

After teaching a digital culture course last spring partially in SL I've 
mostly been lurking on the list and watching SL pop up everywhere in RL 
media :)  I'm currently working on a proposal for an internal University 
of Oregon course development grant that would allow me some time and 
resources to better integrate SL into the course and its regular 
activities and so as part of the grant application I'm looking for any 
useful articles, citations, pedagogical practices, etc. in SL as it 
relates to an "Interdisciplinary Humanities Curriculum."  The grant 
comes out of our University's Humanities center.

Some background:  I'm an early film historian in an English department 
teaching everything from silent movies to "new media."

Many thanks in advance.

Doc Flimflam (Mike Aronson)
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