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Sun Nov 26 09:04:48 PST 2006

Podcasts could be a quick audio or video covering specific topics.  Think of this as a FAQ or Up-to-speed section.  When someone asks a questions that has been answered in the past, they could be redirected to an audio or video on the subject.  You can explain a lot more in 2 minutes worth of video or even audio than you can in words.  Me, as a clueless newbie, could get the basics of any number of projects with the click of an RSS feed.  I could then easily share the information with many people.   As new projects are created, new content can be added while leaving the old content in place.  RSS feeds could be a lot easier to organize as well.  examples:  University, K-12, Science, Math, Cybrary, etc...  This would allow people to focus their attention to their areas of need.  Of course, the doers would need to create short 2-8 minute podcasts/ vodcasts to make this work, but you people are already putting your lives into these projects!

These are only the thoughts of a newbie.  Right, wrong or clueless, these are the ideas in my head.  I will say that it is very nice to have a voice in such a big movement.

Mike B

Michael Baker, Jr
Online Learning Coordinator
South Side Area School District

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Two humble cents from one person who's followed this listserv for  
over a year:

This thread speaks to issues that are both important and a bit  
frustrating.  On the one hand, this listserve has grown dramatically  
over the past year - both in the number of recipients, and in the  
frequency of postings.  What was once a small, mutually supportive  
group of early adopters is now a runaway train of ideas, egos and  
inspiration.  That's not necessarily a bad thing... just different.   
But, at times, I think most folks will agree, the amount of activity  
is really overwhelming. Rather than riding that train - you can feel  
like you've been run over by it.

On the other hand, there are few too many  good folks that actually  
seem to want to WORK to solve the problem.  I'm defining "work" as  
more than just typing an opinion.  SimTeach is a good example.   
Jeremy Kemp did more than craft a listserve response.  He stepped up  
to the plate and spent many hours providing a resource and a place to  
capture all this knowledge we're all creating.  The discussion is  
important, yes... But so are solutions.

So.. in that vein, I'd like to propose two things:

1.  A mutually-supportive, solution-centered discussion, focusing on  
effective ways (plural) to distribute listserve knowledge.  
Participants will be most effective if a) They know how to play well  
with others and b) They are willing to spend multiple unpaid hours  
implementing solutions that will benefit the group as a whole.

2.  Moving this discussion to the listserve.

In fact.. I just did.  To find the posting, log into simteach.com >  
forums > For all forum users > Solutions & Strategies to distribute  
SLED listserv knowlege.

It's there for those that are interested. Go for it!

Cathy Arreguin
(SL: Mari Asturias)

On Nov 26, 2006, at 7:01 AM, Jeremy Hunsinger wrote:

>>   Podcasts work very well.
> In what way do you think that podcasts work very well for the form  
> of communication that occurs on lists and possibly on web forums?
>> If we had a page with multiple RSS feeds on specific topics, we  
>> could better choose what information best fits what we are trying  
>> to do.
> This sort of undermines your statement in the first part where you  
> were humbled and such.  If one of the goals is to have a critical   
> mass of educators, which seems a solid goal, then to promote market  
> differentiation or merely differentiation seems a bit off, no?
>>   This might relieve not replace our current listservs.  I have an  
>> article being published next month for ISTE on why we should use  
>> social networking in education.  I mentioned everything in this  
>> email in the article.  At the end, I suggested that someone should  
>> create an entry in wikipedia labeled social networking in  
>> education.  My thought at the time was to create a place where we  
>> can gather information about different projects.  I didn't read  
>> the CNN article about SL until 3 days after I sent the final copy  
>> in.  I know there is a SL wiki, but if this eduwiki that I  
>> suggested in the ISTE article grows legs, people from the listserv  
>> could add links and brief descriptions about their projects.  I'm  
>> really facinated with how SL interacts with other programs.
> There is simteach  which has been mentioned before and has a superb  
> wiki.   I've not read your article yet, but I'd be very surprised  
> if anything larger than simteach got off the ground... given the  
> nature of the academy and its current use of the education projects  
> related to wikipedia including wikiversity and wikibooks.
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