[SLED] forum instead of email list?

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I personally like the listserv, because I get all the information in my
inbox, look at the headers, delete all the ones that I am not interested in
without reading, and read and archive the ones I want. If it were in a
forum, I would less frequently visit it, only when I have the time, which
doesn't happen all that often, and the information that I get would be
delayed. Just keeping up with blogs is a full-time job. We also have several
sublists, researcher's list is one of them, there are several educator's sub
lists too. But I am against moving everthing to forums. My two cents on the


On 11/26/06, Baker, Mike <mbaker at sssd.k12.pa.us> wrote:
>  I love the exchange of ideas, thoughts and opinions.  I'm assuming that
> many of us feel like we live on an island.  (not refering to an SL island).
> Most of the people we work with are not familiar with our online efforts.  I
> feel this listserv is amazing, but it is like jumping into a fast moving
> river.  I am humbled by the projects and efforts from everyone who
> responses.  I don't think the issue is forum or listserv.  I think the issue
> is how do we differenciate our efforts.  The answer could be additional
> listservs or forums.  Podcasts work very well.  If we had a page with
> multiple RSS feeds on specific topics, we could better choose what
> information best fits what we are trying to do.  This might relieve not
> replace our current listservs.  I have an article being published next month
> for ISTE on why we should use social networking in education.  I mentioned
> everything in this email in the article.  At the end, I suggested that
> someone should create an entry in wikipedia labeled social networking in
> education.  My thought at the time was to create a place where we can gather
> information about different projects.  I didn't read the CNN article about
> SL until 3 days after I sent the final copy in.  I know there is a SL wiki,
> but if this eduwiki that I suggested in the ISTE article grows legs, people
> from the listserv could add links and brief descriptions about their
> projects.  I'm really facinated with how SL interacts with other programs.
> MB
> Michael Baker, Jr
> Online Learning Coordinator
> South Side Area School District
> www.cyberschool.us
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> Dear colleagues,
> A wonderful discussion. I just don't see the need to choose between one
> way
> or another of interaction. Could we not have forums AND email? That way
> the
> subscriber/participant can choose their interaction format of choice?
> This would require something like programming to throw all emails into a
> web-based forum, allow for accounts/logins to the forum, and a threaded
> browser/search format. Maybe too much work, but maybe Linden Labs already
> has something close to this in their toolkit? (hint, hint)?
> If not, then a migration of the list over to a googlegroup should do the
> trick (because they DO have those options there)...
> --
> Sincerely,
> Jeff McNeill
> SL: Donnagh McDonnagh
> On 11/25/06, Jeremy Hunsinger <jhuns at vt.edu> wrote:
> >
> >
> > > When I becambe interestes in Education in SL I looked at the forums
> > > (too few traffic). Then joined the list and got a lot of messages,
> > > so I didn't read forums again. But a forum is much more useful.
> >
> > In just which ways is a forum more useful?
> >
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