[SLED] RE: Crime and Griefing in Second Life

Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Sat Nov 25 16:18:19 PST 2006

looks like griefers to me,   it isn't uncommon for people to start  
griefing on the basis of their own opinions as envisioned as the  
'cause' .   sl should just dcma google.  that would be cool:)
On Nov 25, 2006, at 7:00 PM, Burcu Bakioglu wrote:

> Stan, this is super interesting. Is this by any chance linked to  
> people getting tired of all the chaos going on in-world or just an  
> unrelated riot to take power??? do you know anything more about this?
> On 11/25/06, Trevena, Stan <Trevena.S at monet.k12.ca.us> wrote: Looks  
> like there's a movement in SL that seeks to target in-world  
> organizations, and Linden directly to try to force change "in- 
> world". It appears that their main drive is to give SL players  
> rights by allowing them to buy shares in SL.  Interesting to see  
> them target the commercial businesses, since it's the arrival of  
> these companies that is fueling the media attention and influx of  
> money and residents to SL.

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