[SLED] Introducing myself from Spain

Fernando Ariznavarreta Fdez. fernando at arizna-alzu.org
Wed Nov 22 01:41:29 PST 2006

Hi all:
I joined SL and SLED recently, a few days ago.

I am a Professor and researcher in the University of Oviedo, Spain.
My field of expertized is Geotechnical Engineering and Soil and Rock

I am mining Engineer.

It was some time ago that I had the idea of developing a virtual 3D
laboratory of soil mechanics to help my students in their practices.
Normal tests in this field are very long in time and it is difficult to
teach students how it works in an hour you have. You cannot do a complete
test. Besides, machines are expensive and there is just one of each test, so
students cannot manipulate them (its complexity and cost disuades you from
letting them do that).

But I hadn't found appropiate software to do that and developing it from
scratch (using a 3D library like OpenGL) would be too time consuming.

I met SL by casuality, and I got excited when I found that you could
manipulate objects and program its behavior. I thought it was the perfect
environment to develop my project (with the aid of some students and
programmers, of course).

Then i discovered that there was an educational community here reseaching
the applications of 3D multiuser inmersive virtual worlds (metaverses) to
Education, and I could do nothing but joined it ;-)

I don't want to begin my project yet (you have just 6 months to develope a
free project).
First I would like to learn more about SL and its possibilities, what other
people is doing, etc.

But it is not easy to find educational projects on your own.
I have read about Meteroa (NOAA's simulator of tsnamis, hurricanes and
alikes). It seems a very interesting project, related with the kind of sim i
would like to develope - indeed it superceeds my expectatives- so I am very
interested in visiting their island. But I couldn't, when I tried to
teleport, it tells me it is not a valid parcel. Unluckly it seems to be

Do you know or have heard of other educational projects that use SL as a
simulator of RL processes?

Is there a Spanish comunity of Educators here?

Thanks to all and sorry for this long introducing message.

Fernando Ariznavarreta (Lionel Forager)
University of Oviedo (Spain)
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