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Tue Nov 21 06:46:01 PST 2006

Kathleen's question about "tablets" in SL is exactly why I created the "Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Library" in April 2006. 

Many teachers are looking for free tools, scripted tools, and even "commercial" tools within Second Life that will help them teach, such as the ones Kathleen mentions. A free "slideshow" script can be inserted into a prim, which can then be made to look like a tablet. If students "wore" these as a HUD, I think it'd work just fine. (One warning: because of connection slow downs, lag, and differing graphics cards/RAM, not all students see the same image at the same time. Wait time can increase quite a bit when relying  on images to convey information).

Educators may also be looking for literature that supports teaching in MUVEs, or perhaps suggestions about how to run RL/SL events. The related "Display Deck" shows how many of these display technologies functions, and even showcases has two different kinds of holodecks (think "virtual reality within virtual reality"). Please stop by for a visit!

All this information is found at the ICT Library on Info Island (NW corner).

Simply search for "ICT Library" in SL, or use the SLURL:

As far as a the use of a RL, physical tablet to run the SL client, I know that my HP (compaq) tc1100 runs SL, but barely. Some tablet/laptop graphics cards get a little touchy with the SL client.

Best regards,

Ross Perkins, PhD
SL: Milosun Czervik

ICT Library founder/manager
SLED Picayune founder/editor

Sr. Project Associate/Instructional Technologist
Office of Educational Research & Outreach
School of Education
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA

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