[SLED] Last 1024 available on EduIsland

Cathy Arreguin cathy_arreguin at mac.com
Mon Nov 20 09:07:14 PST 2006

Hi good educator folks,

Eduisland, funded by the Library Alliance and renting exclusively to  
educators, has been almost entirely rented out.  We have one 1024 lot  

If you are an educator and would like to have a small space next to  
approximately 16 other educators, universities and a non-profit or  
two, please contact Cathy Arreguin (SL: Mari Asturias) or Ross  
Perkins (SL: Milosun Czervik).  Please know we do not benefit  
directly from renting out this parcel. This is merely a  heads up for  
those of you who might have been on the fence about this opportunity.

EduIsland is located at the corner of Info Island II and Cybrary  
City.  It features a collegial, academic atmosphere. common gathering  
spaces, and a community sandbox.   Ross is also lobbying for an  
oxygen bar. Me? .. just give me a latte, thank you. :-)

Questions? Happy to answer them.

Cathy Arreguin
(SL: Mari Asturias)
cathy_arreguin at mac.com

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