[SLED] A bit about libsecondlife

Tom Haskins storychanging at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 17 16:51:02 PST 2006

Stan wrote: 

> Not being a business owner in SL, or someone who brokers land or L$
> exchanges, I really don't care about that aspect of the game, but I am
> also not naive enough to think that a threat to that aspect of the game
> does not have the potential to impact or end my educational projects.
> Linden Labs needs to track the activity of accounts like I track
> activity across my district network.  

Of all the SL blogs I read yesterday, you are the first, Stan, to speak of
everything in SL being connected. If that was widely acknowledged, there
would be no furor, only respectful questions, inquiries and discoveries.
Everyone would realize the problematic ramifications of blaming, fearing,
and dissing others. The abundance of negative energy was a clear sign that
most citizens of SL are thinking islands, disconnects, and isolated
effects. In that way, SL is a microcosm of RL's trouble spots.

Thanks for introducing a voice of inter-dependence into this conversation.


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