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First, v cool RL name and av name!  TY for the link to your latest blog notes on mentorship in the virtual environment.  I have to agree with you that my own education in SL was not about notes and documents.  I was more likely to ask questions of an av on the edge of the telehub, than the official sounding "mentor" standing in the middle.  I learned everything from my new friends.  That's one way to make friends.  I have recommended many to Teasers or the Tower to take the noob courses, but then again, I didn't go, except to learn the more advanced building skills.  Love Teasers University, btw.  As a current landlord, I become the de facto mentor to many noobs and shop keeps.  New ppl, such as students, will learn on the just in time basis since there are so many ppl to ask at any point in time.  Now that I know this about how students learn, how does that affect how I do a lesson plan?  It makes education a little less formal. I think I'll just throw out problems and
 assignments so that have to figure new ways to make things work and ask questions. The immersion IS the classroom!  At least that is how I am approaching my biz in SL course.  Yes, there will still be slides and weblinks and classrooms.  However, hands on is easy for me, since the economy and design of content itself is the medium I wish teach, while the life lesson goals are more esoteric.  Students can ask me questions and they can learn from other SL citizens, just as you say they do.  What a wonderful world to learn in, isn't it?
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Late but nevertheless but yes, hip, hip, hooray for that 
thought as Jeremy put it. I'm still buzzing from the ideas generated at the NMC 
Regional recently, and the Teacher's Buzz on Monday, but how do we teach in SL 
was one of my big ideas. Some preliminary thoughts are at http://mapetite.wordpress.com.



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Although having students login to SL to have their avatars sit and 
watch PPT slides(s) is so incredibly exciting that it is beyond all 
comprehension, there are a few points to remember:

1) Textures do not 
resolve at the same time for everyone... so if you're doing a synchronous 
session using them, be prepared for the fact that some attendees will not see 
the slide until you're ready to move on. This is especially true if you're in a 
laggy area.

2) Who do you want in charge of the slideshow? You only? 
Others? You and others? This makes the choice of viewer an issue. The easiest to 
use and do all these things (imho) is AngryBeth Shortbread's community 
whiteboard. BUT... it's 8 m tall...and you might not have that space where you 

3) I would suggest that keeping your PPT on the web is not only 
cheaper (L$0), but it is probably easier for students to access overall. Unless 
their computer is run by slightly emaciated hamsters (as is mine), running a 
browser to see the slides and then going to SL to chat about them shouldn't be a 
huge issue. We're talking here about a generation of kids that can have 8 IM 
windows open at the same time they are running iTunes and doing a composition 
for English class. They'll cope.

and finally...

Please please 
please let's not make slideshows a central part of your SL teaching. If you have 
students in SL, engage them with searches and building and games and avatar 
morphing and all the other things that can't be done on the flatweb or in class. 
Slides/pictures can be used to great advantage; there is no question that they 
have some usefulness. But I do hope we can think about SL as a means for a 
different way of teaching instead of a hip environment in which we can simply 
replicate our RL modes.

Good luck.

-Ross / 

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