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Dioselin Gonzalez dioselin at gmail.com
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Hello everybody:

Just thought I'd share our experience with a similar scavenger hunt assignment.

As an intro: I'm Dioselin Gonzalez (SL: Chica Digital); last year I
finished my master's from Purdue Univ. where I did research on
collaborative virtual reality.  I am now a lecturer in Singapore's
Nanyang Polytechnic in a games programming diploma, so my intention is
to continue work on virtual environments for games development

As many of you, we encounter difficulties in "selling" Second Life to
school administrators.  Actually, the SL website is classified as a
"games site" thus it is blocked by the firewall.  So -starting little
by little- this semester I am using SL in my Digital Entertainment and
Society class for delivering lectures and for assignments.  Students
and instructors are working and connecting from home.

Following your nice recommendations, their first assignment was a
scavenger hunt. These are 18-19yo graduating seniors (and gamers) and
we had interesting results:  some found it exciting, others got bored
with the too adult-ish environment.  Some of them got lost but then
quickly found their way around.  Most students think there's a good
opportunity for them to develop new content.  The main limitation was
the heavy lag; being in Asia while (as I understand) servers are in
the US makes it hard even with a high bandwidth connection.

All students are required to submit assignments and write their
impressions (including the first encounter with a griefer!) on their
blogs.  The list of them is at
http://virtual-dio.com/nyp/it1925/people.html.   It is very
interesting (and amusing!) to read their experiences.

The course's complete info is at http://virtual-dio.com/nyp/it1925/

Thank you, looking forward to collaborate with many of you,


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> Hi folks:
> Here's the verdict on the "SL treasure hunt" assignment: it worked
> great! Everybody did very well, no students were lost or hung up or
> confused. They all learned a great deal about SL and came away very
> interested. I recommend this assignment highly for anyone who has to
> introduce a class to Second Life.
> Of course, I must say that my students are all hard-core gamers and
> things like 3D navigation, downloading programs, registering, etc. are
> all things they've done many times before. It may not work so well for
> 40ish administrators.
>                                                Pete Border

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