Is Voice Chat Necessarily a Great Thing?

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Just to toss it into the mix, I too have a hearing impairment and greatly dislike conference calls, etc.  

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What is interesting here is the injection of 'me' into SL that voice 
implies. For Eloise's examples, this appears more problematic; I myself 
have a hearing impairment and HATE having to do tele-conferencing. 
However, in SL our avatars can be any shape/gender/etc but we would be 
limited by our actual voices. So, the man who wants to be female, etc 
would not be able to enact their desires. If speech is really so 
important, then good speech recognition and text-to-speech software, 
where the end voice could be configured by the source, would seem a way 
forward. Much more processing, and lag for conversion, but it could 
overcome access problems for people who have trouble typing and reading 
text, while maintaining anonymity and flexible representation. What 
would be great would be an API into the client, but whether LL would 
feel comfortable with that remains uncertain.


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