29 Avis and a Bot - Teacher's Lounge Chat

Jeremy Kemp jkemp at cemail.sjsu.edu
Thu Mar 30 09:49:12 PST 2006

Hello All,


We had a good turnout yesterday at the first ever Teacher's Lounge. Plenty
brought their own chairs and many left with copies of SL Survey 1.0.

See the lightly edited chat transcript below.


--Jeremy "Kabumpo" Kemp


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Second Life Teacher's Lounge Chat Transcript 

29 March 2006, 12-1pm PST


28 Avatars, 1 Bot and a Talking coffee machine attended:

Alfie Eponym, Chaac Amarula, Claude Desmoulins , Cyberneticia Cela, Eloise
Pasteur, Gxeremio Dimsum , HoloYaffle, Intellagirl Tully, Jacquie Sholokhov,
Jeremy Kabumpo, katherine Mullen, LittleSuzie Alexander, Mari Asturias,
Molly Menoptra, Moriz Gupte is online, Nicky Ree, Nordehacedod Dot, Patch
Lamington, Pathfinder Linden, Robin Linden, Snowbell Tiger, Tab Scott, Tam
Ree, Tour Guide (bot), Vintnerd Oud, Wandering Yaffle, Wendy Widget,
Worcester Copeland 


The event was divided into three basic parts:

1) Campus/150/100: Jeremy Kabumpo releases SL Survey 1.0 and people discuss
with script author Eloise Pasteur

2) Games1/180/10: The group field trips to _BlackLibrary
3) Campus/150/100: Regroup at sandbox for Robin L.'s discussion of Linden
research policy


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: ok, everyone, welcome to the (hopefully) first of many
teacher's lounges!

>>Worcester Copeland: Thanks Jeremy

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: let me share this survey tool I created (eloise wrote)


>>Pathfinder Linden: ty Jeremy

>>Worcester Copeland: (That was me on your voice mail BTW)


>>Mari Asturias: yay eloise!!

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: worcester from Canada, thanks!

>>Worcester Copeland: I should stick a maple leaf on my shirt :> 

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: so the survey script does a crucial service, I think -
gathering data asynchrnously

>>Pathfinder Linden: 

>>Worcester: lol 

>>Intellagirl Tully: Whoo go Canada 

>>Hot Coffee whispers: Ahhhhh, nice and hot too!

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: it is right here in this floating canister


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: just touch for the scri[pt

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: the thing I really like is that the data is separate from
the logic which is separate from the results

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: questions and possible responses on a notecard


Wendy Widget: good design

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: then the results sent as emails

>>Eloise Pasteur: thanks Mari

>>Mari Asturias: Jer.. is all the documention in the script?.. or is there
another notecard?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: thanks eloise!

>>Eloise Pasteur: lol, my pleasure

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: docs are all in the script itself

>>Eloise Pasteur: it's pretty heavily commented through the script

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: so let me show you how I start this puppy up....

>>Mari Asturias: good...

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: I have a note card with alternating lines

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: "what continent are you from?"

>>Eloise Pasteur: and the top bits are the instructinons

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: and then a line with the choices:

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: north amerca|south|europe|africa

>>Pathfinder Linden loves the fact there is a student behind Jeremy working
on a project while we have our meeting :)


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: I rez an object and place inside - name it waht you want
the survey title to be 

>>Eloise Pasteur thinks that anyone from Asia and Australia might be a bit
miffed with that set of choices 


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: then I place a copy of the survey script

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: jeremykemp at yahoo.com

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: it asks for the receivinbg email for responses

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: now it's ready to go...

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: see how the title is named for the notecard name?

>>Pathfinder Linden: neat

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: very simple

>>Eloise Pasteur: If you've got lots to set up you hard code your email
address btw 

>>Intellagirl Tully: So can only one person t ake the survery at a time?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: so I have this running in the Heart Murmur sim and get
dozens of newbies aday 

>>Eloise Pasteur: Yes Intellagirl, 'fraid so

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: The emails are not formatted quite right, though, I need
something I can parse very easily

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: so responses separated by tabs, etc.

>>Intellagirl Tully: but you could have multiple copies sitting a round? for
more than one at a time?

>>Eloise Pasteur: Yup

>>Wendy Widget: for automatically post-processing the replies, right?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: yes! surveys could be distributed throughout a learning

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: notcards named for the specifc topic

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: set up a data gathering space in a matter of minutes 


>>Mari Asturias: you mentioned that you can paste into an excel doc?

>>Intellagirl Tully: this is excellent!

>>Wendy Widget: this is very cool

>>Nordehacedod Dot: this is very nice. just it only handle fixed multiple

>>Eloise Pasteur: You could even, with a little change, set something up to
give each person their own questionnaire, and to kill itself after they've
completed the questions

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: OK, so maybe we chat about the specific exams, assignment,
surveys you-aLL are doing?

>>Wendy Widget: First, thanks again for doing this 

>>Intellagirl Tully: yes i wonder if it can accomodate plain text entry

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: or keep chatting about applications for this script...

>>Claude Desmoulins: Is the script vieable somewhere? Sorry I'm late.

>>Claude Desmoulins: *viewable

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: click on the can in the air...

>>Eloise Pasteur: It's set up for multiple choice responses atm Gxeremio
Dimsum is online 

>>Wendy Widget: One groupware sort of application would be to do a survey of
when a meeting is to be scheduled

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: in WebCT, the data format includes the quesrtion type -
oine fo five 

>>Wendy Widget: Instead of endless e-mailing back and forth, do survey, send
people to complete it, schedule meeting for time majority can make it Eloise
Pasteur: There are issues around setting plain text answers - like the 255
character limit to what you can type at a time

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: MC, TF, one line, paragraph

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: Gxeremio is doing esperanto classes...

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: what are some other mods?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: this is GNU, BTW

>>Cyberneticia Cela: hi claude

>>Claude Desmoulins: Hi.

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.

>>Nordehacedod Dot: it might be nice to consolidate responses; i'm assuming
it generates one e-mail per response?

>>Eloise Pasteur: Jeremy's already asked for a text capture version, which I
might need to nobble Robin for about the TOS...

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: I thought you could plug a script into an image, like a
painting and do art appreciation stuff 

>>Wendy Widget: nice 

>>Intellagirl Tully: I'm a writing prof so i'd like students to be able to
write short pieces and share them via notecards if possible 

>>Wendy Widget: You could also use it for instant feedback on complex
concept people are exploring

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: or, to extend this into a quiz with a score sent to prof
or self-test

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Wendy Widget: to see if they are "getting it," or if there is a need to
step back or approach a different way 

>>Eloise Pasteur: Consolidating emails is possible, but as the
questionnaires are variable in length to your needs, it chews memory to
script for the consolidation

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: to cehck for understanding

>>Nordehacedod Dot: right

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: yeah, consolidation would be super cool, parsing emails a
pain! :-)

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Eloise Pasteur: Notecard distributors are moderately easy

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Moriz Gupte is online


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: jeremykemp at yahoo.com

>>Mari Asturias: so... just so I understand.. 1 question survey?

>>Eloise Pasteur: Although don't let the grid monkeys hear you ask for them
too loudly:)

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: done, just clicked five dialog boxes)

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Eloise Pasteur: No

>>Wendy Widget: The example he posted had five or so questions Eloise
Pasteur: This example card is, but the questionnaire can be about 40-50
questions long

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: I have a lit review on assessment in VR setting on the
ground below the can, BTW 

>>Mari Asturias: got it

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Eloise Pasteur: It depends a bit on the length of the answers and
questions Robin Linden wonders about nobble Intellagirl Tully: yes thanks so
much for the Lit review

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Wendy Widget: yes, I got that too

>>Jacquie Sholokhov: lit review is very helpful - thank you 

>>Mari Asturias: this is really great for quantitative research...

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: yes, research rich app!

>>Jacquie Sholokhov: and the rest!

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Pathfinder Linden: great literature review! very helpful resource
Worcester Copeland: An editable text object would quite useful in this
environment - short answer style responses...

>>Wendy Widget: I'll be using it for an annotated bib I'm doing on learning
in 3d online programmable social spaces 

>>Eloise Pasteur: nobble, in this context, is grab some time about a
possibly tricky question Robin, not too scary I hope:)

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: so maybe I'll add some content to the wiki on this Jacquie
Sholokhov: please

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: and Eloise is gonna upload the script to the forum Eloise
Pasteur: Yup

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: I'M REALLY excited by ability to replicate quickly, hadn't
done that before!

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: and then say email once - a dream!

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: ok, so enough about me - what are you guys up to? Shoucld
we take turns?

Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Intellagirl Tully: Jeremy, would you like us to get back to you if we use
this in a new way you might be interested in?

>>Patch Lamington: wendy, keep us informed when youve got your bib done..
that sounds good :-)

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: I'm at jeremykemp at yahoo.com

>>Nordehacedod Dot: another idea: integrate a dollar dispenser for
completing the survey : ) 

>>Mari Asturias: you know.. this script opens up .. more accessible ways to
research... in here.. soooooo... we always talk to LL about this..

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: and this script was not SOOO difficult (sorry eloise)


>>Pathfinder Linden: I'm thinking it would be great to have some kind of
information kiosk about this survey tool. Something that could summarize for
educators how to use it, and to distribute the scripts and so forth. Are you
planning on setting something like that up?


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: but the implications for MANY scripts for research are so

>>Eloise Pasteur: At the risk of sounding like I'm touting for custom... I'm
happy to do scriptin 

>>Patch Lamington: got to watch out with paying lindens... some people in sl
do anything for a linden.. and might mess up surveys

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: PL, I no have land ;-)

>>Eloise Pasteur: *scripting jobs for folks 

>>Mari Asturias: anyway to only let someone take it once?

>>Vintnerd Oud: now every time you touch it, you take a drink. click
coffeepot to refill 

>>Pathfinder Linden: Jeremy, well, if you create something, we could put it
here on Campus at at the RL Ed center in Waterhead

>>Eloise Pasteur: Um, yes, but you're chewing memory again...

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: cool - you guys are so helpful! Very supportive
enviornment :-) 

>>Pathfinder Linden: this is a fantastic resource to share with folks

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: so anyone else wanna take the sopbox?

>>Pathfinder Linden: and since it's open source, i expect folks will further
improve and tweak it in wonderful ways 

>>Eloise Pasteur: The survey currently puts their name on the survey
Worcester Copeland: the survey summary could ignore all but the last
response from each user 

>>Gxeremio Dimsum gave you MOVADOTSHIRT.

>>Alfie Eponym: Nordehacedod has a god point. Is there a way to ensure
anonymous responses?

>>Eloise Pasteur: But it's open source and easy to anonymise 

>>Nordehacedod Dot: yes, you might want to limit one submit.

>>Eloise Pasteur: If you're doing it for a small group, like just your
students, that's doable 

>>Eloise Pasteur: But if you're expecting a lot of people to take it... it
just gets into a nightmare of storing their data and checking it Claude
Desmoulins: I took the survey and did the questions. Now it's just sitting
saying I'm still taking the survey, but I'm not.

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: hey Mari, you wanna talk about your experience with a pro
builder at SDSU?

>>Patch Lamington: to keep the memory for script, filter responses by some
unique number from respondents key 

>>Robin Linden: It is possible to limit it to one person per survey. The
voting machines do that.

>>Claude Desmoulins: There we go.

>>Eloise Pasteur: It can be done, but it changes from one script to 16...

>>Worcester Copeland: Perhaps the survey could be conducted on the web
(where the resources are less limited) but the results sent back to SL ?

>>Mari Asturias: well.. sure.. as much as there is to tell.. but .. let's
make sure folks are talked out about the script 

>>Eloise Pasteur: *cough* wait for html on a prim 

>>Claude Desmoulins: If you do that to an external web site, why have the
thing in SL in the first place?

>>Worcester Copeland: I like the inline survey for items related to what you
are seeing and doing in SL.

>>Pathfinder Linden: *cough* we are working on it :) 

>>Eloise Pasteur: lol, I know 

>>Mari Asturias: it's the immediacy of the assessment after the learning
experience that's so strong herer 

>>Chaac Amarula: Has anyone attempted *testing* (as opposed to surveying)
within SL?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: the holy grail

>>Patch Lamington: as in formal assessment?

>>Nordehacedod Dot: yes, this is quick and easy, the script is short enough
it's not too intimidating to modify it.

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Object: To what email shall I send responses?

>>Claude Desmoulins: Now there's a security nightmare, but maybe not.

>>Mari Asturias: lol

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: jeremykemp at yahoo.com

>>Patch Lamington: that would be interesting

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Worcester Copeland: Students enjoy being assessed more than tested.
Assessment implies feedback, learning and hope for a better mark.

>>Mari Asturias: :-D

>>Wendy Widget: there ya go

>>Worcester Copeland: Testing always results in an assigned number.

>>Chaac Amarula: I've been trying to figure out if it easier to keep the
database within SL or on a server that SL sends messages to.

>>Eloise Pasteur: outside, at least at the moment 

>>Intellagirl Tully: i'm not sure of the pedagogy of having students take
"real" tests like this, they may find it intimidating 

>>Claude Desmoulins: You'd have a set list of eligible avatars. Youd ould
mod the script as each took the assessment.

>>Chaac Amarula: I would like to have them complete exercises in-world and
receive credit.

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: I wonder if "REAL" tests are worth the bother - you can do
that on the web, right?

>>Chaac Amarula: But there are lots of data issues.

>>Worcester Copeland: in-world exercises are a good plan

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: this is really for formative evaluation - to build it

>>Intellagirl Tully: Jeremy...can you limit who takes the survey...limit it
to students?

>>Worcester Copeland: Especially if students can collaborate Mari Asturias:
well now.. if they answered questions.. and THEY received the feedback....
they would know.. what they needed to remediate!


>>Jacquie Sholokhov: if the database is outside SL surely you can track

>>Worcester Copeland: Critical thinking will start to occur

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: come one, come all now

>>Eloise Pasteur: Intellagirl, yes you could 

>>Intellagirl Tully: awesome!

>>Wendy Widget: These are all good questions for features for "V2"

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: would anyone like to go on a fieldtrip?

>>Chaac Amarula: to....?

>>Wendy Widget: Jeremy, are you interested enough in the script that you are
likely to go to V2?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: _Black Library or Withrate academy?

>>Eloise Pasteur: Filter potential respondents by name, which would be
really easy if they're in the Campus SL programme and have the same surname 

>>Cyberneticia Cela: i like fieldtrips....

>>Moon Adamant is offline


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: as for v2, Eloise is the key person 

>>Wendy Widget: k, thx 

>>Worcester Copeland: Someone REZ the school bus :> 

>>Pathfinder Linden calls dibs on the back seat

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: but I wonder if the lurkers will be left here...

>>Claude Desmoulins: If you like construction zones, a school is going up in

>>Mari Asturias: take your chairs...!

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: is neualtenburg a good tour?

>>Patch Lamington: other filter option is if names can be supplied in a
notecard.. that could be scripted up too (more work for you eloise) 


>>Chaac Amarula: what sort of school?

>>Cyberneticia Cela: i want to know what the Black Library is...

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: this is GNU, so version 2 is up to you too@ 

>>Intellagirl Tully: it's awesoe!

>>Claude Desmoulins: Black Library is bigger.

>>Wendy Widget: yup

>>Intellagirl Tully: i love the library

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: black library has the only learning agent I've seen in

>>Worcester Copeland: Which is ?

>>Claude Desmoulins: We'll save the Neualtenburg school for once it;s

>>Eloise Pasteur: if people have things they want to incorporate, or ideas
for other scripts that they'd like... please feel free to ask me

>>Object: Thank you for taking this questionnaire.

>>Please wait whilst I send the results before starting.


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: ok, anyone object to a trip over to _Black Library?

>>Eloise Pasteur: But yes, v2 of this can be yours too...

>>Mari Asturias: sure.. I'll go

>>Pathfinder Linden: sounds good

>>Snowbell Tiger: i am in!

>>Eloise Pasteur: tweak it for youselves

>>Wendy Widget: me too

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: ok, location is ...

>>Worcester Copeland: OK - here goes...

>>Alfie Eponym: I'm in for a field trip.

>>Robin Linden: Black Library has a great blog 

>>Mari Asturias: look in FInd..

>>Mari Asturias: ooh.. not there!

>>Wendy Widget: did, says "none found"

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: _Black...

>>Pathfinder Linden: search for one word "blacklibrary"

>>Claude Desmoulins: Games1

>>Patch Lamington: i think ive got landmark...

>>Intellagirl Tully: _blacklibrary

>>Intellagirl Tully: underline first

>>Worcester Copeland: Blacl Library idows not come up 

>>Claude Desmoulins: 177.111 

>>Pathfinder Linden: i will jump ahead....if anyone has probs, just IM me
for a teleport 

>>Worcester Copeland: _ first - ok

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: OK, off we go....

>>Snowbell Tiger: please teleport

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: games1 (177, 11, 27)

>>Patch Lamington: anyone else want landmark?

>>Mari Asturias: rezzing

<------------Group moves to _BlackLibrary games1 (177,11,27)----------


Worcester Copeland: I hope everyone has their pants rezzed on - we're in
public !

>>Wendy Widget: thx

>>Tam Ree: why do we have a flash mob?

>>Nicky Ree: well cheese nibbles sounds good :) 

>>Pathfinder Linden: we are a roving horde of educators....lock up your

>>Tam Ree: who engineered this flashmob?

>>LittleSuzie Alexander: i got toast!

>>HoloYaffle: Hello Chaac Amarula

>>HoloYaffle: Would you like to know more about the blacklibrary? (yes/no)
Chaac Amarula: yes

>>HoloYaffle: The _blacklibrary is the Second Life extension of the website
at http://www.alwaysblack.com <http://www.alwaysblack.com/>  

>>Tam Ree: okay, this here is the library.

>>Mari Asturias: going through the door helps..lol

>>HoloYaffle: Clicking any of the books you will see around the library
launches a browser and loads the page relating to that article.

>>HoloYaffle: Say 'tour' if you would like an automated tour guide.

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: tour

>>Mari Asturias: tour

>>Claude Desmoulins: tour

>>HoloYaffle: You can think of it as a kind of analogy of the website, the
various rooms and areas of the library represent the different sections of
the website.

>>Wandering Yaffle: hmm

>>LittleSuzie Alexander: ita LINDEN!

>>Tam Ree: Yaffle, how did this flashmob get established?

>>Pathfinder Linden: Wandering Yaffle is here, the owner of this library!
perhaps he can give us a tour or answer questions?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: YAFFLE!

>>HoloYaffle: Behind me are the latest additions.

>>Tam Ree: hah, you interrupt our grand session of telling tales. :)

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: teacher

>>Wandering Yaffle: I wonder where Bob went

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: teacher's lounge

>>Nicky Ree: lots of people :)

>>Tam Ree: this library has a bar!

>>Molly Menoptra: lol bobs day off yaff

>>Wandering Yaffle: hello people

>>Mari Asturias: ah.. a serendipitous coincidence!

>>HoloYaffle: Hello Wandering Yaffle

>>HoloYaffle: Would you like to know more about the blacklibrary? (yes/no)
Tam Ree: yes, good, huh?

>>Pathfinder Linden: we were having an educator meeting, and decided to go
on an impromptu field trip. this library was recommended :)

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: yes

>>HoloYaffle: The _blacklibrary is the Second Life extension of the website
at http://www.alwaysblack.com <http://www.alwaysblack.com/> 

>>HoloYaffle: You can think of it as a kind of analogy of the website, the
various rooms and areas of the library represent the different sections of
the website.

>>Tam Ree: it's really cool. what's an educator meeting?

>>HoloYaffle: Behind me are the latest additions.

>>Molly Menoptra: did we agree on the theme?

>>Wandering Yaffle: tour

>>Tam Ree: what theme did we agree on?

>>Wandering Yaffle: BROKEN!

>>Tam Ree: oh, nice.

>>HoloYaffle: Clicking any of the books you will see around the library
launches a browser and loads the page relating to that article.

>>HoloYaffle: Visitor List Maker started...

>>HoloYaffle: The owner can say 'help' for instructions.

>>Tam Ree: hello educators.

>>Worcester Copeland: hi

>>Intellagirl Tully: HI Tam

>>HoloYaffle: Hello Wandering Yaffle

>>HoloYaffle: Would you like to know more about the blacklibrary? (yes/no)
Wendy Widget: hello Tam Ree: oh, I like the lego.

>>Intellagirl Tully: HI Yaffle

>>HoloYaffle: Say 'tour' if you would like an automated tour guide.

>>Tam Ree: what, real people?

>>Wendy Widget: thx

>>Tour Guide: Tour guide initialising. Please wait.

>>Tam Ree: I don't have anything to do with the library, I just blab with
everybody and squat here.

>>Mari Asturias: tour

>>Molly Menoptra: a story set in urville? (http://urville.com/)


>>Tam Ree: there were no themes suggested, were there?

>>Nicky Ree: oooh Yaffle your library is getting famous!

>>Wandering Yaffle: right, there he is

>>Wandering Yaffle: I blame the Lindens

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: hey yaffle, where your cool little robot:-) 

>>Tam Ree: that sounds interesting enough.

>>Pathfinder Linden: Tam, real-life educators doing teaching and education
work in SL 

>>Wandering Yaffle: and it's a sort of analogue of my website 

>>Vintnerd Oud: grr - teleporteed while sitting - any hints on getting

>>Tam Ree: except the website doesn't have a bar.

>>Wendy Widget: tour

>>Worcester Copeland: BYOB

>>Pathfinder Linden: Yaffle, sorry for the invasion, and thank you for
taking the time to speak with us :) 

>>Molly Menoptra: yeah and i nearly finished my brainwaves story so i might
have two for you all next week 

>>Mari Asturias sighs... cutting and pasting furiously 


>>Tam Ree: oh, cool Molly.

>>Wandering Yaffle: and experiemnt to see if the same principles can be made
to apply to a three dimensional environment as a two dimensional one 

>>Wandering Yaffle: tour 

>>Tour Guide: Hello, I'm your _blacklibrary Tour Guide.

>>Wandering Yaffle: here's Bob with more

>>Tam Ree: that's really cute.

>>Tam Ree: I'm having people shock, Yaffle.

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: ah... we gotta talk to REAL people? ;-) 

>>Molly Menoptra: yeah i was feeling guilty 

>>Tam Ree: I'm still overwhelmed by all these people.

>>Tour Guide: The gallery is representative of the "_blackarts" section of

>>Wandering Yaffle: this might get a bit choppy 

>>Nicky Ree: well I feel terribly guilty now :P 

>>Tour Guide: It deals with original graphic work 

>>Tour Guide: and thanks to Robin Winter's contribution, also real-world

>>Tour Guide: Robin's sculpture also has the distinction

>>Tour Guide: of being the first piece of content 

>>Tour Guide: to be added to the website 

>>Tam Ree: ok, I can do that, autistic fellow imagining a city?

>>Nicky Ree: but what I read I like

>>Tour Guide: bringing together two of the _blacklibrary's major interests, 

>>Wandering Yaffle: OK, so um Tour Guide: graphics and writing.

>>Wandering Yaffle: this is the library

>>Tour Guide: Let's begin in the gallery.

>>Tam Ree: the most recent exhibition is on a web comic.

>>Mari Asturias: hehe..

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: see the robot tour guide?

>>Tam Ree: so that's why there are all these comics on the wall.

>>Molly Menoptra: who are these people?

>>Tam Ree: the regular library is upstairs.

>>Tam Ree: and there's also an art section to the right of the entrance.

>>Tam Ree: and a games section on the left.

>>Tour Guide: Click me to continue.

>>Tam Ree: and the bar is downstairs.

>>Tam Ree: they're a flash mob of educators, Molly.

>>Tour Guide: To further the analogy of the _blacklibrary 

>>Nicky Ree: Wow Molly :) you are on the writing flow 

>>Tour Guide: as an alternative mirror for www.alwaysblack.com 

>>Tour Guide: these poster boards represent 

>>Mari Asturias: sorry.. hehe.. couldn't find you 

>>Tam Ree: I've done that but it was impromptu.

>>Tour Guide: what might be though of as 'sidebar' links.

>>Tam Ree: we went through Ozymandias together.

>>Tour Guide: Each of these links to sites we like and the sites of friends.

>>Wandering Yaffle: um, those will be behind the current exhibit 

>>Tour Guide: Sometimes even both...

>>LittleSuzie Alexander: way back

>>Tour Guide: Click me to continue.

>>Tour Guide: originally sourced from within Second Life.

>>Tam Ree: though it kept degenerating in people quoting Kublai Kahn 


>>Wandering Yaffle: that is NOT a DEGENRATION!

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: can I show you all my Heart Sim clinic?

>>Tour Guide: As well as stand-alone pieces 

>>Nicky Ree: I am just half way through it now 

>>Tam Ree: what is not a degeneration?

>>Claude Desmoulins: Jeremy.

>>Tour Guide: we also have webcomics

>>Wandering Yaffle: hi Ali

>>Wandering Yaffle: Bob saves me a whole bunch of typing 

>>Tour Guide: This is one area in particular in which we hope to expand
_blackarts in 2006.

>>Worcester Copeland: I was imagining a real-time poetry reading through

>>Wandering Yaffle shouts: if you'd like to follow me!

>>Tour Guide: Click me to continue.

>>Worcester Copeland: No audio storage required :> 

>>Chaac Amarula: I'm mostly worried about the database...tracking what
students do.

>>Chaac Amarula: Keeping "scores".

>>Tam Ree: on some theme, we write them.. you submit them to Molly Menoptra.

>>Worcester Copeland: Neat !

>>Tam Ree: there's a sign on the wall.

>>Tam Ree: and then you can read them in SL on a notecard.

>>Wandering Yaffle: god he's slow today

>>Tour Guide: _blackbook is the fictional writing section.

>>Tour Guide: Each of these books links to a short story

>>Tour Guide: or a chapter in an ongoing series by one of the _blacklibrary

>>Tour Guide: Click me to continue.

>>Intellagirl Tully: this has been my fav place since my first day in the

>>Claude Desmoulins: When I toured the heart sim it took forever for the
audio to load.

>>Chaac Amarula: Have you used vPython?

>>Tam Ree: yeah the library is my favorite place too.

>>Tam Ree: hey I know Python.

>>Nicky Ree: This is Tam's second home

>>Tam Ree: but i haven't tried vpython.

>>Nicky Ree: she loves to talk about the library 

>>Tam Ree: it's my only home, I squat here.

>>Alfie Eponym: I'm a Perl guy myself.

>>Worcester Copeland: SecondHome.com - Hmmm 

>>Intellagirl Tully: I'm setting up a space where people cam come record
their bios in notecard form 

>>Nicky Ree: she is the library's squatter PR manager 

>>Ali Andrews: hey Claude, I heard you presented to the class again
Intellagirl Tully: The Second Story Project 

>>Alfie Eponym: What is vPython? Is the v a typo?

>>Claude Desmoulins: No, just the once.

>>Tour Guide: the audible contributions to www.alwaysblack.com.

>>Wendy Widget: I love this, I'm just stunned at the scope and potential


>>Tour Guide: Here we have experimental music 

>>Tour Guide: The _blacknoise section deals with 

>>Tour Guide: courtesy of a number of performers.

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: OK< let's wrap this back at the sandbox...

>>Tour Guide: And also an audio play by Alexander Cavell and company.

>>Claude Desmoulins: I'm still waiting for Bryan to get me the student

>>Tour Guide: Click me to continue.

>>Tam Ree: how many people are there?

>>Tam Ree: some of you come back and let's chatter ok?

>>Intellagirl Tully: thank you so much for showing us around 

>>Worcester Copeland: The surv ey tool would work well here !

>>Tour Guide: The World Time Globe was kindly donated to the the

>>Chaac Amarula: vPython is great for 3D physics programming.

>>Tour Guide: by Blueman Steele and Jendan Marrat.

>>Tour Guide: It is scripted to keep rotation Cyberneticia Cela: see you
there. great discovering the blacklibrary. thanks yaffle.

>>Wendy Widget: Yes, Wandering Yallfle, thanks for dropping everything and
taking us with you on a tour ;-> 

>>Chaac Amarula: But I am hoping SL will be better in the long run.

>>Tour Guide: at the same speed as the Earth.

>>Tour Guide: Blueman and Jendan have plans for an upgrade Claude
Desmoulins: Good example of how large groups can degenerate.

>>Wandering Yaffle: my pleasure

>>Tour Guide: And so the day and night cycle 

>>Mari Asturias: tyty!!

>>Tour Guide: that will take into account 

>>Tour Guide: is approximately accurate.

>>Wandering Yaffle: y'all come back now, y'hear?

>>Tour Guide: the axial tilt of the seasons.

>>Worcester Copeland: Thanks Yaffle :>

>>Patch Lamington: vpython have to remember that... interesting


>>Wandering Yaffle: ty

>>Tour Guide: Click me to continue.

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: hey everyone, LET'S WRAP IT UP AT THE SANDBOX...

>>Tam Ree: are poeple leaving through a back door?

>>katherine Mullen: hi all

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: SAND BOX...

>>Tam Ree: let's close teh main door and trap everybody in the library!

>>Molly Menoptra: we'll have tea and biscuits next time 

>>Tam Ree: qujick!

>>Moriz Gupte is offline


Claude Desmoulins: If we're flash mobbing...

>>Patch Lamington: lol

>>Nicky Ree: LOL tam

>>Wendy Widget: Jeremy, could you give me the sandbox landmark again, I
forget to set it

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: SANDBOX..

>>Tam Ree: hah hah!

>>Tam Ree: it's part of my evil plan.

>>Tour Guide: _blackbox is the website's non-fiction writing collection.

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: campus 150/100

>>Tour Guide: It's also the most extensive section to date, as you can see.

>>Tour Guide: Each of the books here links to an article on the website.

>>Tour Guide: The themes are varied and many, 

>>Tour Guide: from deeply personal accounts of events in the author's lives,

>>Tour Guide: to lighter journals of videogaming experiences.

>>Tour Guide: Click me to continue.

>>Alfie Eponym: Going back to Campus. See you there.

>>Tam Ree: I'm somewhat cheeky.

>>Tam Ree: see you all!

>>Chaac Amarula: see ya

>>Molly Menoptra: your such a supervillainess wanabe tam 

>>Pathfinder Linden shouts: there are some other educators in the Campus
sandbox now....let's try to regroup there and wrap up the meeting, shall we?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: SANBOX Campus 150/100

>>Worcester Copeland: Lot's of collaboration going on :> 

>>Pathfinder Linden: Wandering Yaffle was there (the owner/creator of the
library), so it was very serendipitous

<------------Group moves returns to Campus 150/100----------


>>Jeremy Kabumpo: the lesson for me: pedagogical agents in VR spaces work
best for 1-2 people 

>>Wendy Widget: Thanks for the tour

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: not just a bandwidth issue

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: check that out by yourself - amazing!

>>Intellagirl Tully: I think i'll end up with 18 students but we'll rarely
be running around together 

>>Pathfinder Linden: one quick thing...if anyone here is not in the "RL
Education in Second Life" Group, you might want to join it. It's a helpful
way for us all to communicate when we get spread out (like just now) 

>>Worcester Copeland: Jeremy, do you develop many instructional resources ?

>>Pathfinder Linden: the group is open to join for anyone interested

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: does anyone have anything else to say? What about another
meeting time, say in two weeks?

>>Wendy Widget: that sounds great

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: and a featured presenter?

>>Intellagirl Tully: i'm building a bib of education and the importance of
play in identity construction if anyone is interested 

>>Patch Lamington: sure... this time is great for me

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: ludology..

>>Worcester Copeland: I'll get a headset for next time Vintnerd Oud: now
touch the pot, and it fills the cup 

>>Claude Desmoulins: Do you want to use the Neualtenburg School space?

>>Intellagirl Tully: yes

>>Pathfinder Linden: sounds great, Jeremy. do ppl like this venue? (campus
sandbox) it's nice cause everyone can rez things to demo Vintnerd Oud: now
each touch of the cup takes a sip 

>>Wendy Widget: yes, good place to start, but fieldtrips are a great idea.
say half the time on featured presentation, half on fieldtrip?

>>Claude Desmoulins: Hopefully the building will be done by then.

>>Pathfinder Linden: Wendy, yes, the "educators flashmob" effect :)

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: just like today - cool

>>Robin Linden: Anyone who is doing research in SL - let me know so I can
add you to the research group 

>>Intellagirl Tully: i am Robin 

>>Patch Lamington: robin, Im not doing research yet...

>>Worcester Copeland: There are boxes you can touch that automatically
teleport - that would facilitate the trips:> 

>>Robin Linden: When you're actually 'in the field' it helps to wear the
Researcher tag so people know you're known to LL Patch Lamington: but Im
preparing proposals :-)

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: so 2nd and 4th sundays right here, 12noon PST?

>>Pathfinder Linden: Worcester, good idea. I will get one of those set up
for the next meeting 

>>Claude Desmoulins: Sundays?

>>Robin Linden: Patch - please make sure you sign the research agreement if
you haven't already done that 

>>Eloise Pasteur: Today's Wednesday Jeremy

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: anyone vote for time, location, date changes?

>>Claude Desmoulins: Wednesday is much better for me.

>>Patch Lamington: please always announce times in SL time... PST doesnt
mean much to me!

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: uh, right, 2nd, 4th Tuesdays

>>Worcester Copeland: We should have a common area to post 'agenda' items ;>

>>Eloise Pasteur: Well in most of the world still 

>>Alfie Eponym: Where does one get the research agreement?

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: {maybe this best for email?}

>>Worcester Copeland: We need SL sticky notes ;> 

>>Patch Lamington: probably best agreed over email...

>>Worcester Copeland: yes

>>Eloise Pasteur: Ask the nice redheaded Linden lady....

>>Pathfinder Linden: Jeremy, yes, let's do it via email. I think the
educators mailing list is a good venue for this. that way more folks will
learn of the meetings


Jeremy Kabumpo: Robin, you wanna explain research badge process?

>>Wendy Widget: How about a survey on best times to meet?

>>Claude Desmoulins: I'll volunteer the Neualtenburg School for the field
trip site.

>>Ali Andrews: so I think I missed how we can get access to the script to
try this survey at home

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: cool!

>>Intellagirl Tully: yes, i'd liek to know about the research badge too 


>>Pathfinder Linden: Claude, that sounds great!

>>Wendy Widget: We pick the one that the majority can make 

>>Robin Linden: kk Robin Linden: ready?

>>Eloise Pasteur: Ali, touch the cylinder by Jeremy's head

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: click the can and ball for research beverages 


>>Intellagirl Tully: *listens* Eloise Pasteur: Or I can send you one if I
canfind you Robin Linden: We have an ethics policy that probably matches the
one your university uses.

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: IRB

>>Robin Linden: If you want to know the history of why we have it I can
explain it to you later.

>>Ali Andrews: thanks!

>>Robin Linden: We also have a research agreement, that asks you to let us
know what you're planning to do, and says that you'll abide by our ethics

>>Robin Linden: This is so residents know that we have seen your proposal
and know that you're doing legitimate work.

>>Intellagirl Tully: *listens*

>>Worcester Copeland: Good plan

>>Robin Linden: You can find the ethics policy through the link at

>>Alfie Eponym: Do we need to mail you something with a real signature?

>>Pathfinder Linden: yes, we just want to make sure the privacy of Residents
is respected 

>>Robin Linden: You can email me for a copy of the research agreement, and I
think it's also available through the same link.

>>Robin Linden: email: robin at lindenlab.com.

>>Robin Linden: The researcher link gives you the title "researcher" when
you activate the group.

>>Alfie Eponym: So an email is okay? You don't need a snail mail copy?

>>Robin Linden: We recommend that you do that whenever you're conducting
research in SL 

>>Wendy Widget: thx for the tip on titles 

>>Robin Linden: You'll need to fax the signed agreement to me 

>>Alfie Pathfinder Linden: ethnographic or social studies research 

>>Alfie Eponym: Got it.

>>Cyberneticia Cela: goodbye all. thanks. see you next...

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: thanks everyone!

>>Intellagirl Tully: got it...i'll be on that soon then 


>>Robin Linden: Bye! good to see you 

>>Intellagirl Tully: thanks so much Jeremy!

>>Pathfinder Linden: thank you Jeremy for hosting this...I can't wait for
the next one!

>>Jeremy Kabumpo: I am available for research projects in your classes -
have to complete a doctorate...

>>Robin Linden: Thanks Jeremy!

>>Patch Lamington: yup, thanks jeremy was good.

>>Wendy Widget: Thanks Jeremy!

>>Eloise Pasteur: Thanks Jeremy

>>Alfie Eponym: Jeremy, what kind of projects are you interested in? 

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