Please don't feed the students, but feel free to visit them!

Cathy Arreguin cathy_arreguin at
Sat Mar 11 15:02:23 PST 2006

Please also add my name to the helpers list.  Currently, our team is  
looking at usability issues, including initial adjustment factors  
that need to be considered in our instructional design.  I would  
value any insight I would gain by volunteering in this way.  I'm also  
cleared as an SL Mentor and have been spending time tutoring on Help  

Cathy Arreguin
aka Mari Asturias

cathy_arreguin at
San Diego State University
Educational Technology

On Mar 11, 2006, at 2:35 PM, Daniel Jack Livingstone wrote:

> Just like to add my name to list of people who'd be willing to  
> volunteer help in a class... Im hoping to have my own class in SL  
> next year, and would appreciate an opportunity to see what its like  
> this year.
> daniel
> aka Patch Lamington
> --
> daniel.livingstone at
>>>> psheehy at 02/18/06 03:09 AM >>>
> Send out a message to the group and those of us who are on and have  
> a bit of "stretch time" can jump in and lend a hand.  OR - We can  
> volunteer as tutor/mentors and exchange friendship with a few of  
> your students for communication purposes. However you decide to try  
> it I will be happy to lend a hand.   Best regards, Maggie Marat
> AKA:
> Peggy Sheehy
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> To: Educators interested in using Second Life as a teaching platform.
> Subject: Re: Please don't feed the students, but feel free to visit  
> them!
> Another option might be to advertise here or elsewhere for "helpers".
> There are times I can't do, and times I'd rather not (I have to work,
> sleep etc.) but you might find enough people on this list to turn up
> and help you herd your students for the first class, so they can find
> their way around a bit. I know if the timing was good I'd be happy to
> do so, and since I'm not currently teaching a class in SL you'd have
> a freebie... (you could always buy me a nice frock as a thank you I
> guess, lol).
> But I suspect quite a few of us would be willing to put in an hour
> every now and again for such things on the expectation that when they
> have a new class, they'd get some help of the same sort too.
> Eloise.
> On 17 Feb 2006, at 19:46, Cathy Arreguin wrote:
>> Tim brings up some good ideas to orient students - especially the
>> idea about guides or greeters.  If you have been running the class
>> for more than one semester, what about asking last semester's class
>> members if some might be willing to come "hang out" and help?  (Or
>> perhaps suggest that option to this class for the next semester's
>> students.)
>> A note about Ahern welcome area:  I know things are in transition
>> and all, but my experience is that it can be full of rather
>> UNhelpful types.  It also can be extremely laggy at times.  It
>> might be helpful to go to FIND > Events and make a notecard of
>> helpful experiences (building and orientation classes) that they
>> might consider attending. That way, they might be more likely to be
>> exposed to some like-minded helpful folks.
>> Cathy Arreguin
>> (Mari Asturias)
>> On Feb 17, 2006, at 10:47 AM, Holt, Tim wrote:
>>> What your students need are greeters I'd think.  I remember my early
>>> "Clint" days, and I had a number of strangers (kind type) people
>>> gift me
>>> boxes of cloths, cars, all kinds of things.
>>> Where do your students go when they first start?  Do they just
>>> stay on
>>> campus?  My suggestion might be that they hit the central  
>>> fountain at
>>> Ahern.  You might consider having SL guides too - I'm thinking of  
>>> the
>>> campus here where there are "Freshman Orientation" sessions.  Older
>>> students mentoring younger?  Far better to teach the students how to
>>> deal with the world than to put up fences and barriers so they  
>>> aren't
>>> exposed to it (IMO).
>>> Tim "Vintnerd Oud" Holt
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>>>> Subject: Re: Please don't feed the students, but feel free to
>>>> visit them!
>>>> Mike Reddy wrote:
>>>>>  My students are in culture shock at the moment....
>>>> and
>>>>> I have had reports of a few Slers being rather dismissive
>>>> when  > meeting my students; comments on poor appearance,
>>>> criticisms of  > sandbox creations - "That's er... Very
>>>> primmy!" - along with a  > couple of show offs.
>>>> Mike, I noticed a marked difference between teaching in SL
>>>> this year (jan 2006) as opposed to last year (jan 2005) with
>>>> respect to these very issues. After all, as any place grows,
>>>> so does the number of jerks. That said, the "showing off"
>>>> issue was pretty important for my class since we were reading
>>>> Snow Crash, which as you might know has a pretty significant
>>>> (well, memorable at least) bit about the status and class of
>>>> poorly constructed avatars in their metaverse. In the book
>>>> they call these off-the-shelf avatars "Brandy and Clint".
>>>> I think for my students it was a little bit painful to
>>>> realize that they WERE the Brandy and Clint now. And there
>>>> was nothing they could do about it, short of (a) earning lots
>>>> of money in-world doing jobs of questionable merit or
>>>> decorum; (b) real money transfer; (c) enormous time sink in
>>>> trying to "skill up" with unknown results.
>>>> So, I tried to just use this as an opportunity for good
>>>> writing to emerge. "How does it feel to be the
>>>> underprivileged one, and what can a person DO about it? Can
>>>> you draw connections to the real world?"
>>>> I continue to see SL as valuable experience, but the
>>>> scaffolding you provide will change as the community grows
>>>> and changes... we have to frame these changes in the right
>>>> way in order for it to be a growing experience for the
>>>> students rather than a frustrating, insulting one.
>>>> -megan
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