Announcement: Second Life 1.9.0 Release Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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Sat Mar 11 12:35:23 PST 2006

I am terribly sorry for any confusion caused by the Subject line of my
last email. The release date is March 15th, as the forum posting states.

I solemnly swear that I will no longer send emails to this group of kind
folks early in the morning on weekends -- obviously my proofreading skills
are not at their sharpest at that time!

Best regards,
Karen Clark
Engineering Program Manager
Linden Lab
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Second Life 1.9.0 release Wednesday March 15, 2006

In our continuing effort to improve the Second Life experience, we are
planning an update to Second Life 1.9.0 on Wednesday, March 15, 2006. The
grid will be down from 6am to 12pm PT/SLT for the update. A new viewer
will be required to use 1.9.0.

All adult residents born before February 1, 2006 can get a sneak-peak of
the new version here:

Full release notes will be available early next week for your viewing
pleasure. Below is a list of new features in the upcoming version:

* FollowCam functionality allows scripts to control the camera
** Scripts on attachments and vehicles can now control camera behavior
through a call to llSetCameraParams(), once they have acquired the
** The script will control the user's camera as long as the resident
doesn't override it (use Alt-zoom or enter mouselook, for example) and the
object remains attached or the avatar continues to sit on it:
*** When multiple scripts attempt to control the camera, the last script
to set the CAMERA_ACTIVE flag will have control
*** Older scripts will regain control as soon as the newer one is
** The new FollowCam scripts enable a huge variety of vehicle-following
*** For instance, a loose camera setting allows sudden changes in
vehicle acceleration to happen without causing dizzying jolts in the
camera *** By turning off the "behindness" feature, the camera will be
simply dragged along, but it will not try to stay exactly behind the
vehicle *** Other parameters, like pitch (the angle at which it "looks
down" at the vehicle), distance, and others, allow you to customize the
cinematics of vehicular fun

* Improved tools for estate owners (and estate managers)
** Estate tools are a set of tools for people who own private islands. **
On the mainland they can be used by anyone to see the "rules" for a region
*** Choose World -> Region/Estate... to see settings such as whether
terraform is allowed, or what the raise/lower land limits are
** They allow private island owners to set more options on a per-region
basis *** We would like estate owners to "consolidate" their estates, that
is, to put more than one region per estate (Customer service can help with
this) ** New per-region tools include blocking flying, forcing damage on,
setting "object bonus" to allow more prims per parcel (although still
capped at 15,000 per region), setting PG/mature, teleporting home all
users in a region, setting fixed sun position
** Region performance debugging tools include disabling all scripts,
disabling physics, and getting lists of objects that are potentially
slowing down physics ("top colliders") or scripting ("top scripts") **
Estate owners can download a region's "RAW" terrain file, modify it, and
upload it to make changes in the land
** Estate owners can "bake" the current terrain, setting it as the default
for the "revert" tool and the middle for terraform raise/lower limits **
Users and groups can be added to allowed/group/ban lists for one estate,
or all estates you own
** Estate managers
*** You can delegate responsibility for all the above tools (except RAW
files and bake terrain) to other residents

* Improved communication between regions
** A new method simulators running each region to interact with one
another has been implemented.
** This new method allows for communication between regions, rather than
requiring data go through a central server
** The internal path for almost all data that must go from one sim to
another far away sim (where 'far away' is defined as not touching) has
been changed for the following functions:
*** Teleports (via map, home, login, offer teleport)
*** IM (resident to resident, object to resident)
*** Inventory Transfers (resident to resident, object to resident) ***
Friends online/offline notifications
*** Finder information (people finder has been touched barely)
*** The exception to this new scheme is group chat

* You can now attach objects (via rez-from-inventory and
attach-from-world) to attachment points that already have an attached
object ** You will see a confirmation dialog with a "don't ask me again"
checkbox to confirm replacing the existing item
** If you check "don't ask me again", you can get the dialog box back by
going to Preferences/Popups, selecting the "Automatically replace
existing attachments" popup, and clicking on "Enable this Popup"
** The inventory item for the attached object displays the name of the
attachment point...for example, (worn on skull)
** This allows you to search your inventory both for attached objects
("worn") and objects attached to a specific point ("hand")
** Attach and detach menus show the name of the object attached to each
point (once the corresponding inventory item has been downloaded)

* All "Abandoned" land now reverts to Governor Linden ownership
** In the past, land smaller than 512 sq. m. would revert to Public Land
upon abandonment
** Now all land Abandoned land will go up for sale or auction one week
after being abandoned

* Planar texture mapping
** Provides an alternate texture mapping for primitives

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