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Let's plan to meet up on Monday night.  My flight gets in at like 5 and I'm
staying at the Radisson downtown.


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>> Any plans/interest in a SL meetup @ GDC this year?  I'm definitely looking
>> forward to Philip Rosedale's presentation.
> I'm in! Someone want to throw out a date/time?
> In addition to Philip's presentation there are two round tables on the
> Metaverse Roadmap project that I hope all SL GDCers will come to and
> storm ideas on:
> http://www.cmpevents.com/GD06/a.asp?option=C&V=1&SB=4&AdS=0&Kword=metaverse
> . A strong technical and visioning document on the 3D Web that we can
> all work on and point to will be a great help in understanding
> developer opportunities now and in the coming years, and getting
> clients and the public excited about the space.
> "[Roundtable] Overview: Bring your experience, vision and ideas about
> the convergence of graphical worlds and interconnected online spaces to
> help structure a groundbreaking forecast of the internet as it will be
> in 2016."
> Info on the roadmap is at http://accelerating.org/metaverse until the
> full-on site launches this month. We had a Metaverse table at ETech
> earlier this week to spread awareness of the project. Funny little
> write-up on some of that that at
> http://slfuturesalon.blogs.com/second_life_future_salon/2006/03/etech_down_sxs
> w.html
> . 
> I've attached a Metaverse Roadmap sponsor PDF that has more info the
> project and the Metaverse Roadmap Summit at SRI in May.
> Also, will anyone here be at SXSW in Austin? I'm writing this from the
> heart of that fair city. w00t Texas! :)
> Cheers,
> Jerry / SNOOPYbrown Zamboni in SL
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>> Subject: Game Developers Conference meetup?
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>> Any plans/interest in a SL meetup @ GDC this year?  I'm definitely looking
>> forward to Philip Rosedale's presentation.

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