Temporary accounts for students?

Pete Border border at mail.physics.umn.edu
Wed Mar 8 06:17:59 PST 2006

Hi folks:

I am in the midst of my second semester with SL, both with students 
registering themselves and haven't had any big problems. Last semester 
there was one student who couldn't register by himself, after mucking 
about with it for a week I just bought an additional basic membership on 
my account and gave him the password. It was only $10 and he was a good 
student from a poor family- recent immigrants, first generation in 
college, no credit history, etc. Call it charity!. So I'm a sap! Don't 
tell my wife! There were also a couple students who registered OK but 
couldnt get the client to work on their computers, so I let them use a 
spare computer in my office.

This semesters class is online so students are older and have pretty 
good computers to begin with. Nobody has had any problems registering or 
getting the client to work.

My students biggest complaint is lag. LLLLLLAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGG. Which is 
something the Lindens can't do much about, but it does make scripting 
painful. These students are used to 50+ fps in their games, and dropping 
down below 5  hurts. It seems especially bad in the sandboxes...

It would also be nice to export/import 3d models somehow. I realize the 
Lindens do NOT want people making million-triangle hairdos in Maya, but 
maybe there's some sort of compromise. About all I can save from SL now 
is screenshots and chat transcripts.


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