how to stay updated on announcements regarding Second Life software updates

Pathfinder Linden pathfinder at
Thu Mar 2 08:42:13 PST 2006

Howdy folks,

We always post the latest information regarding Second Life software
updates and other important issues in our Announcements forum on the
website here:

If you'd like to be automatically emailed a notification of new
Announcements, please go to the above URL and click on the large
banner at the top of the page that says "Want to be informed of New
Announcements?"  Select "daily updates by email," and you'll receive
one email per day notifying you of anything new in that forum.  That's
a great way to keep track of both planned updates as well as any
unexpected downtime.   Hope that helps!

Take care,

John Lester
Community and Education Manager, Linden Lab
* Second Life Name - Pathfinder Linden
* Second Life Office  - secondlife://Ambleside/57/103/
* Second Life Websites -

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