[SLED] Publishing in SecondLife - and Citing SL locations in RL publications

Daniel Livingstone daniel.livingstone at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 29 04:10:45 PDT 2006

Hi All,

as I've been working on the post-proceedings for the Ed workshop,
I've come up with two issues...

First, a standard referencing style for citing SL builds.
A common standard nowadays for citing anything from the web, is to
inlcude the URL and the date accessed (important due to the ephemeral nature)

SLurls are one option - but in print these can be very large (tinyurl can help)
Another is to simply give the SL location and date accessed, eg.

Second Life, 2006a, Second Life: campus/150/100/30, accessed on 28th Aug 2006

Preferences, opinions? Comments?

Second up, RL books and journals have ISBNs and ISSNs.
Should SL books and journals have SLBNs and SLSNs?
Who'd be interested in a system like this?
(Looks at Lori Bell and the Info Islanders!!)


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