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Hello Nick,
Check this out

u need linux
and nvidia card


On 8/22/06, Nick Noakes <nick.noakes at ust.hk> wrote:
> This is a question directed at Linden folks really but am also
> interested in what SLEDers think about the idea.
> Is it possible to have SL clients (in all OS flavors) that work off a
> portable (USB) drive, as is done with Firefox and quite a number of
> other open-source software applications?
> I know this doesn't stop that issue of the now fortnightly updates
> for users (students and teachers), but it should bypass the barrier
> of computer services staff in educational institutions (not
> surprisingly) balking at installing software with such regular,
> forced updates. I know in my own institution that we can only have
> updates to lab software twice a year, before the main fall and spring
> semesters. But most of our students, have portable USB drives that
> are usually well over 100MB. So it would make running SL, as an
> integral part of a course in labs, a real option.
> Nick
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