[SLED] TransVision06 in Second Life report

Giulio Prisco gp at uvvy.com
Tue Aug 22 00:43:14 PDT 2006

The TransVision 2006 annual conference of the World Transhumanist
Association, Helsinki 17-19 August 2006, organized by the WTA and the
Finnish Transhumanist Association, was open to remote visitors in the
virtual reality world of Second Life. This year the theme of the
conference was Emerging Technologies of Human Enhancement. We looked
at recent and ongoing technological developments and discussing
associated ethical and philosophical questions. We held a mixed
reality event between the Helsinki conference hall and Second Life.

The event was successful, with more than 40 participants in Second
Life able to watch the real time video stream from Helsinki, ask
questions to the speakers via the IRC to Second Life chat gateway and
discuss the presentations. On the one hand, the virtual TransVision
2006 conference gave the possibility to "attend" the conference in
virtual reality to many people who were not able to attend the
conference in brickspace and, on the other hand, it demonstrated the
potential of virtual reality and Second Life for major conferences and
events. The lessons learned will be used to design other, even more
ambitious, mixed-reality and VR-only events.L chat - IRC gateway and
live streaming video from Helsinki displayed in Second Life.

Please see the full report with pictures at:

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