[SLED] SL - losing my students and audience

Tim Allen Tim at CROMPCO.com
Wed Aug 9 17:21:55 PDT 2006

I heard LL was thinking weekly was too much - I believe Robin said so. Any
details on that? And can we skip one next week before SLCC? Last thing we
need is downtime Friday when LL is drinking! :-)

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Howdy folks,

We're very sorry about the extended downtime today.  The latest update
introduced a bug that has required us to keep the grid offline for
much longer than we planned (please see

We do all we can to minimize downtime, and restrict planned downtime
to Wednesdays.  Second Life is definitely out of "beta" phase, but
since it is a constantly evolving complex platform, it requires
regular updates so we can keep fixing bugs and improving features.

In general, I would recommend on planning for the "unexpected" on
Wednesdays, and scheduling critical inworld events for any day *other*
than Wednesdays.

Take care,

On 8/9/06, Gary Hayes <mail at garyhayes.tv> wrote:
> I was willing to give Linden Labs the leeway to keep improving SL and
> to work around the regular weekly upgrades but recently I am finding that
> has started to become unworkable and it is starting to lose its
> in our establishment because it is appearing unreliable.
> The IT departments are already un-willing to support something that
> so regularly and recently the disabling of 'groups' has meant that  I am
> finding it hard to manage work process and permissions. There have also
> a series of demos planned to the purse strings folk and suddenly ten
> before 'show time' some major function has been disabled or in one case
> exploit shutdown cut the demo short...so frustrating, and eventually bad
> news for serious edu use of SL.
> This morning I scheduled in a session to do a collaborative build after
> normal 5 hour updates (which in Oz is 12-5am) and we found we were all
> locked out at 9am! - bizarre when we have paid and are paying for a
> sim?
> I believe there is a limit to how much some edus will put up with this
> of iterative 'beta' testing in a commercial environment.
> Thoughts and are there solutions?
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