SL Classrooms: Looking for Tours

David Thomas david.thomas at
Thu Oct 27 09:04:01 PDT 2005


> From: Satchmo Prototype <satchmo.prototype at>
> permanent sim available for when educators need to do a
> show and tell

I've thought the same thing. We had an entire sim for our demo, but used
very little of it. It would be great to have a sim dedicated to
demonstrations of education. I guess the question is, how could we get
something like this funded? I think we'd be looking at a cost of around $5k
a year (don't quote me on that! That's just a guess!).

My point it, it wouldn't be that much money. And the value would be very
high--especially if the sim was publicly open, hosted educator events, etc.

Also, thanks for reminding me about Response. Pathfinder had mentioned that
and I spaced it out! Like I said, at the least, we need a directory of cool
education locations:)


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