Student research paper on Best Practices in Second Life, response appreciated

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Hi Angel - I am pleased to welcome you into SL Educators!  I am also in
the research stages of ed in SL - for Middle School.  I will be happy to
forward any info I have and hope that you will share responses that are
off list with me as well.  In the mean time, I found this very helpful:


Also - the wiki is great:


Good luck, have fun and stay in touch, 

Peggy Sheehy

Maggie Marat (SL)


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Subject: Student research paper on Best Practices in Second Life,
response appreciated




My name is Angel Inokon, I am a masters student at Stanford in
Educational Technology. Robin just added me to the list Thursday. I've
got a hot project to understand educational uses in Second Life for a
school paper. It's titled, "So you wanna teach in Second Life? 10 Tips
to Get Sarted" I'm so passionate about Second Life, I want to understand
how best to use it for learning. I'm hoping you can give me some


My specific questions:

1.Do you have a tip or best practice on teaching in Second Life - e.g
classroom management, technology, curriculum design/integration, gaining
institutional approval, getting started, or land aquisition?

2.Can I take an in-world tour of your solution in Second Life?


If you are able to provide a couple sentences or a tour please respond
by November 28th.

I will send a followup note next week.


I appreciate you. Thank you for your help.

Have a great weekend, 


Angel Inokon  

Educational Gaming, Masters Student

Learning Design and Technology

Stanford University School of Education

inokon at




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