RL Education in SL Meeting #2

Timothy Moenk tmoenk at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 05:49:06 PST 2005

In all the craziness that has been occurring this past week, I've completely
forgotten to send out an email concerning the next education meeting!

Towards the end of the last meeting, it seemed as though the next one was
already self organizing! Although I want to cater to people who were unable
to attend due to various reasons, there is movement towards having this
second meeting at the same time and place as the first one so that a core
group can begin to form and a more concrete course of action can emerge.

I sincerely apologize for the short notice to the list. I'll be firing my
assistant after this email is sent. (my digital assistant that is..)

The next Real Life Education in Second Life meeting will be today, Thursday,
November 10 at 10:00am SL/PDT time at Waterhead (170,8).

This past week there have been two major discussion threads: A discussion on
virtual architecture and what it means for the pedagogical aspects of
education in a virtual environment, and a discussion on having an Education
Island. One of the most recent messages on the latter thread was from
Nahlyee Van Brunt of UAPLearning. I've spoken with him since, and it seems
that his organization is taking on some of the role I had envisioned for the
hypothetical education non-profit I've been proposing. Their inworld
project, Jibun Life, sounds like it's striving to become an entire education
grid! Jibun Life is starting out with three Islands, and Nahlyee has
graciously offered one of his sims to act as our Education Island. Needless
to say this changes the landscape a bit, and I'd like to discuss what this
means and how to act upon it.

As before, I'll be posting the conversation as a reply to this message after
the meeting so that we can continue the discussion on this list.


-Timothy Moenk // Lyre Calliope
Aoide.net <http://aoide.net>
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