Educators Island??

Anthony Crider acrider at
Tue Nov 8 11:52:08 PST 2005

We have had a lot of discussion about our philosophies about  
education in SL. A few those come from people that have actually  
conducted courses inworld!  I'm sure that 12 months from now, many  
more of us will have experiences that might make some of our current  
philosophies look a bit short-sighted.  (This happens to me all the  
time when I reread my own "teaching statements" from years past.)

Before the fantasy "Education Island" can ever become a reality,  
there are a few concrete numbers needed.  To that end, let me pose  
the following:

Imagine that someone has purchased and is leasing space on "Education  
Island-Main Grid" and "Education Island-Teen Grid."  Assume that each  
already has one or two generic lecture halls (30-40 seats) for public  
use, should your class require it (see M. Conklin's earlier e-mail  
for why you probably won't).  For now, assume that the default look- 
and-feel is similar to the site Pathfinder already has set up in  
Waterhead, akin to 470 BC, a time when much of the world looked like  
the cover of the Led Zepplin album, "Houses of the Holy". There would  
be many steps and columns; it would be most tranquil.

(1) Would you need space on the Main Grid island, the Teen Grid  
island, or both?

(2) How much space in SQM would you need for your learning module?

(3) How many students would you have visit at a time?

(4) How frequently would they be inworld?

(5) How soon could your students begin using the campus?

(6) Would students need to build on your site?

(7) Could your learning module be relatively contained/low profile  
enough so as to not intrude on neighboring projects (e.g. The  
excellent spaceflight museum currently under development in Nessus  
(84, 216) has a full-scale Saturn V rocket, which might be obtrusive  
to neighboring modules.)

If you e-mail me directly, I can compile the results and publish them  
to the group, maybe before the next meeting.  Or, reply to the group  
if you feel so compelled.

Chaac Amarula
The Second Life Planetarium
Waterhead (152, 38)


Dr. Anthony Crider
Assistant Professor of Physics
Elon University
Elon, NC 27244

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