Campus: Traditional buildings, non-traditional buildings, no buildings?

Ian Shanahan ian at
Fri Nov 4 11:14:13 PST 2005

I should add that I really liked the amphitheatre idea as an example of 
something practical and with enough familiar characteristics to be 
recognisable. Conjures up a mental image of white-bearded, old Greek 
scholars arguing over what to call part of a plant before the Tragedy 
starts :D

I think Blueman's Prim College uses such an arrangement.

Joesph DeLappe wrote:

>Hi all,
>Been a quiet reader of these emails.  We held an advanced digital media,
>studio art class in SL last year with mixed results.  We tried to envision
>our entire bit of land as an open studio space - no architecture, kind of
>like a sculpture park I suppose.
>At any rate, I share the questioning posed by the architects in regard to
>virtual worlds.  What they were complaining about is actually quite logical.
>There has been a similar trajectory in terms of what artists have done over
>the short history of media based art - the first attempts are nearly always
>emulations of what have previously been considered "art" prior to the
>emergence of the new media tools (ie - loads of "computer paintings" in the
>1980's) It takes a while for new forms to emerge that truly utilize media
>technologies in a new way.  That said, if one creates a simulation
>environment like SL, that is really based on RL, it seems only logical, to a
>certain extent, that the spaces created will reflect RL.
>Just some further thoughts. Enjoy reading these emails!

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