SL Virtual Guest Lecture

David Thomas david.thomas at
Tue Nov 1 13:52:28 PST 2005


This is David Thomas from the University of Colorado.

I had a chance to check out Response and was quite impressed.

This Friday I am conducting class virtually, and am taking the students to
various landmarks relevant to the idea of urban planning. Of course, I will
be showing them Response.

I was curious if you would have 15 or 20 minutes this Friday between 1:30
and 3:30 MST to meet with my class and maybe answer a few questions about
the sim.

I realize this is sort of a last minute (or last week!) request. But I
thought I'd ask anyway. If you could do it, that would be great. If not, of
course, no problem.

At any rate, look forward to seeing you in world at some point!


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